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PDO Threads Placement: The Secret to Flawless Contours

Beauty treatments continue to evolve, becoming more dramatic and less invasive, ultimately serving as the next best thing to going under the knife. In the last few years, one treatment that has received plenty of buzz, primarily for its ability to lift sagging skin and smooth out lines and wrinkles, is the PDO thread lift. PDO thread placement can make all the difference in facial features that seem to hang and lack definition and those that are perfectly defined, sculpted, and lifted. If PDO threads are on your must-do beauty list, here’s everything you need to know about PDO thread placement to make the most of the treatment.


How PDO Threads Work

PDO threads rely on suspension sutures to physically lift sagging skin around the eyes, brows, cheeks, and jawline. Several PDO threads are placed in the desired area during the treatment to create more definition. The dissolvable sutures (they dissolve naturally over the coming months) stimulate fibroblasts in the skin to produce new collagen gradually over time. Whether you look to PDO threads to enhance the lips, under the eyes, or jowls, all PDO threads work towards natural volume and lift with long-lasting results.

With proper PDO threads placement, you can reap the benefits of the treatment, which include the following:

  • Instant results that improve over time
  • A boost in collagen production
  • Added definition and a contoured effect


To get the best results from a PDO thread lift, it’s crucial to assess your facial features so that harmony and balance are restored overall.


The Best Areas of the Face to Do PDO Threads

Several areas of the face are suitable for PDO thread placement. However, PDO lip threads, PDO threads under the eyes, and PDO threads for jowls are some of the more popular sites to use PDO threads.

To determine which areas of the face will benefit you most and address your needs, we recommend scheduling a consultation to discuss PDO threads placement and determine which areas are best.


Using PDO Threads to Lift the Brows and Eyes

PDO threads can lift and tighten the skin around the eyebrows and the surrounding areas of the eyes. Using PDO threads to lift the brows and eyes not only helps to soften the look of wrinkles in the area but can also elevate sagging eyebrows or downturned eyebrows so they don’t close off the upper eyes. These patients tend to see the most difference from PDO thread placement in the brows. In addition, the skin in the eye area increases in strength and firmness as the body creates new collagen for improved skin structure.

While fillers and neuromodulators can add volume and decrease the appearance of wrinkles, they can’t lift the skin the same way that PDO threads can. Plus, placing PDO threads into the appropriate areas of the face reveals sagging tissue without a heavy or puffy look. Instead, the face looks naturally defined. While there is an immediate difference in the eyes and brows, which will appear more lifted, the results continue to improve over the next few weeks. You can expect about five millimeters of lift in the eyes and brow area, giving the eyes a better framing overall.

Since no two patients are identical, the techniques used for PDO thread placement when treating the brows and eyes vary. For some, the entire brow is lifted by placing the threads above and under the eyebrows. Or, if just the tail of the eyebrow needs lifting to open up the eyes so they don’t look as heavy or hooded, then PDO thread placement is more concentrated towards the outer part of the eyebrow and eyes. For someone with downturned eyes, placing threads towards the outer corners of the eyes can help pick them up and open them up.


Defining the Mid-Face, Cheeks, and Jawline with PDO Threads

The eyes and brows are just one area of the face where PDO threads provide a benefit. They can also work wonders to add volume to the cheeks and mid-face while lifting the area and redefining the jawline to appear more youthful. Similar to PDO threads placement in the upper face, when treating the mid-face, placing the threads in the appropriate area will help to lift saggy skin.

The PDO thread lift treatment is an excellent option for elevating the skin. The design of the sutures allows for skin to be held in place and stimulates collagen production for plumper, younger-looking skin. Using PDO threads in the mid-face provides immediate results due to the lifting effect of the threads. Even as the threads dissolve, the lifting effects stay for up to two years in the area, giving way to less jowling and a more refreshed appearance.


The Bottom Line

PDO threads are an excellent treatment for addressing loose skin without resorting to surgery, which comes with scars, a recovery period, and a much higher price tag. Still, the key to getting good results is PDO threads placement. Even if a thread is placed a millimeter off from where it should be, it could compromise your results. And, since every face is uniquely different, your provider should always customize facial contouring to your needs. That is why it is critical to only seek this treatment with a trained and qualified provider, like Le Yen Tran, founder and CEO of Ecobel Medical Spa, so that you can reap the benefits of the transformation power of a PDO thread lift with the proper placement.