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Women's + Men's Health

Here at Ecobel, we aim to optimize your health and promote healthy longevity by focusing on hormonal balance, pellet therapy, nutrition therapies, diet, and lifestyle. Pellet therapy is a revolutionary way of delivering bio-identical hormones with very few side effects.

Anti-aging medicine is for men and women who choose to be proactive about their health and well-being.

The Process :

Women’s Health

The most prominent hormone in women is estrogen. However, as women age, these hormones slowly decrease, sometimes as early as 30. The decline of estrogen increases the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, and physical signs of aging. Benefits include energy boost, mental clarity, increased libido and mood, improved memory and focus. 

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Men’s Health

TRT can be a beneficial treatment for men over 30 years of age.

Research has shown that men begin to experience dips in testosterone levels around age 30. The decline of testosterone can cause numerous symptoms such as, reduces cognitive function, osteoporosis, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, reduced muscle mass and depression. A tailored testosterone pellet therapy, PRP injections, nutritional therapies, and lifestyle coaching have been reported to improve sex drive, boosted mood, increased muscle mass, and overall feeling of well-being.

Men's Health - BHRT Programs at Ecobel Med Spa

What Results Can I Expect?

In just a full 6-8 course treatment, most men experience a stronger libido and improved sexual stamina, as well as an increased sense of self and emotional balance. With continued TRT, men notice more muscle mass, better stress management, mental clarity, less belly fat, and improved physical performance and endurance.