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Light Therapy

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Light Therapy

The power of light can’t be underrated, especially for improving the skin, enhancing cellular function, and decreasing joint pain. Light therapy, also known as phototherapy, has been a go-to for years because of its myriad of benefits and the data behind it.

Different from LED masks used at home, professional light therapy pods are helpful to those with chronic pain, like what’s experienced with arthritis as well as joint pain. By boosting cellular energy, the light delivered during these treatments can increase the rate—and efficacy—of how the body can heal itself.

But it’s not just internal factors that light therapy is well known for. It can help with the skin, too.

Light Therapy

What is Light Therapy?

Light therapy is a tried-and-true non-invasive treatment that delivers a steady dose of light (usually red, but other wavelengths can be used) to improve chronic pain. It is a simple, painless treatment and offers noticeable benefits. The light does not make physical contact with the skin, so there’s no risk of burn, skin damage, or discomfort associated with the treatment. Specific wavelengths of light trigger changes in cells that affect how they function.

Phototherapy utilizes infrared light to penetrate the skin. It is easily absorbed by cells under the skin. Deep thermal delivery allows the light to help decompose and burn fat, improve the skin, and alleviate pain. It also reduces inflammation to improve chronic joint pain. Lastly, it helps to stimulate mitochondria function and trigger an enzyme that increases in the body, giving more energy to the cells for improved repair and healing.

For many, light therapy is seen as an innovative wellness practice that can improve areas of the body that have experienced injuries and have never fully healed. Think of light therapy as the secret to making your body feel like itself again—finally!

The first use of energy for healing purposes dates back to 2,750 B.C. when electricity and electric shocks were used to help treat chronic pain. However, it was unsuccessful, so modern medicine moved on to TENS stimulation to help alleviate chronic pain. While it worked, practitioners found infrared light to be a more effective method of improving healing and reducing pain.

Today, light therapy uses a specific wavelength of light for therapeutic benefits. A combination of light-emitting diodes (LED) emits infrared light and heat for pain improvement. Red light is commonly used at low wavelengths in light therapy to improve cellular function. However, it’s essential to know that no damage comes with the treatments, and it is not the same type of light or wavelength as what’s used in tanning beds, for example.

Types of lights

The different types of lights commonly used include:

  • Red light (the most popular light) stimulates and revitalizes the cells and improves heart and brain activity and respiration. It also enables improved blood circulation and metabolism, reviving the skin tissue.
  • Yellow light stimulates nerves, increases blood pressure and pulse, and reinforces immunity and digestion. Yellow light also improves oxygen absorption, promotes blood circulation, and revitalizes skin and digestion.
  • Blue light relieves pressure, reduces blood pressure, and balances and focuses the mind. It can also help renew the skin.
  • Green light has a calming effect on anxiety and depression to help you feel relaxed and relieved. It also improves gland function.

Light therapy is also considered a safe and effective treatment option for alleviating joint pain and improving cellular function for long-lasting improvement in injured body parts.

Light Therapy

How Does Light Therapy Work?

The treatment works by using a specific wavelength of light to areas of the body that need help with healing or where pain persists. The machine we use relies on advanced color light technology that combines four light waves with far infrared rays, creating a perfect biological effect on your body.

All anti-aging treatments incorporate the healing of broken down cells. That’s why light therapy has multiple advantages, including aesthetic benefits.

Light therapy techniques use different wavelengths and colors to improve joint pain and cellular function. For example, infrared light is a popular choice in the treatment because it helps promote the body’s cells to repair and heal successfully. Infrared light also aids in oxygenating the body and the cells for pain relief. However, one type of light you’ll never find in a light therapy treatment is ultraviolet (UV) light, which can cause irreparable damage to the body and the cells, specifically in the skin.

Delivering light that penetrates below the skin without actually placing the light on the skin (instead, the lights are outfitted in a pod that you’ll lay in) allows the light to work more effectively to provide joint pain relief. Considered a more natural approach to pain management and a painless way of achieving it, the benefits of light therapy are vast and don’t damage the skin. Instead, the light penetrates a few centimeters below the skin to reach the muscles and nerves where pain exists. Red light infiltrates the skin so that it’s absorbed by the cells and converted into energy that the cells can use to incite healthy healing, reduce inflammation and improve pain. It also oxygenates the body to repair damaged tissue.

While the frequency of the light can vary, most research points to using 700 to 1,000 nanometers, which is believed to be the most effective for helping to heal inflammation-related symptoms and issues. The way infrared light works is that the photoreceptors absorb it in the cells, which then jumpstarts a series of metabolic events on a cellular level. This series of events is believed to release nitric oxide, a vital gas necessary for the arteries to function appropriately, reduce free radical damage and deliver oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissue. By introducing an uptick in the gas, the healing process begins to take hold.

Treating injuries comes with multiple benefits, such as pain relief, inflammation reduction, and restoring the function of the affected body part. Other conditions that improve with infrared therapy are joint pain, inflammation, muscle pain, spine injuries, nerve pain, and sports injuries.

Light Therapy

Who is it Good For?

This treatment is appropriate for anyone experiencing hard-to-eliminate joint or muscle pain. Light therapy is a good treatment option for anyone who has not found relief with the following:

OTC Medications

Physical Therapy

Home Remedies

It’s also an effective alternative to using prescription-strength pain medication. Additionally, light therapy can optimize you anti-aging efforts since it helps with cellular turnover and collagen reproduction too.

Light Therapy

The Benefits

The benefits are vast and can be used for medical and aesthetic applications. While light treatment, specifically red light, is effective for reducing acne and the signs of skin aging, it also has profound benefits for:

Wound healingAnti-aging
Skin rejuvenationBack and neck pain
ArthritisMuscle strain
Carpal tunnel syndromeTemporomandibular joint pain (TMJ)

What to Expect During a Light Therapy Treatment

If sitting under a row of lights sounds somewhat off-putting, it’s nothing to worry about. Unlike other treatments, there’s virtually no feeling during light therapy, which is why so many patients are willing to try it. Moreover, they find that once they see how easy and painless the treatment is, they return for repeat treatments to alleviate unwanted pain.

During a treatment, you’ll lie in a pod that slightly warms up as the lights turn on and are activated. Although there is some warmth on the skin—it’s not hot in the least bit—the overall treatment is relaxing.

Light Therapy

The Results

Although you may not feel much happening during the treatment, the effects and results are excellent. Often, patients report reduced pain in their joints and muscles in as little as one treatment.

Other results you may notice with light therapy include the following:

Since light therapy activates water molecules and improves oxygen absorption, it can help trigger energy and functionality of cells and reinforce immunity, making you more resistant to sickness and disease. Through the profound heat effects and penetration, the body can obtain improved nutritional supplements so that you feel healthier and energized.

While you may not realize the effects of an uptick in circulation, you’ll notice it in terms of less pain, especially if you have arthritis. By improving blood circulation that dilates the capillaries, the heart can be relieved and receive an adequate supply of oxygen and nutrition to cells that carry away the waste from metabolism.

When the circulation is improved, metabolic waste is carried away quickly. Metabolic waste can include heavy metals, lactic acid, fatty acids, and uric acid, which causes pain.

 Far infrared rays can purify the blood, improve immunity, activate cells, and relieve pain. As a result, the body can absorb more nutrients, and cell activity is optimized. The thermal energy can improve blood circulation, smoothen the energy channels, and relieve arthritis, rheumatism, and pain from high uric acid.

Infrared rays can stimulate energy consumption, increase body temperature, improve metabolism and help reduce fat.

Light Therapy

How Much Does Light Therapy Cost?

Everyone is different, so we recommend a consultation to determine the cost of your light therapy treatment. Then, our experienced team of skin experts and medical providers can further discuss the treatment with you and determine if light therapy is appropriate for you.

The treatment is tailored to your needs, which is why the cost varies. Our team can customize a package to help you obtain the desired results. A consultation with our staff will ensure more accurate pricing.

Light Therapy

Common FAQs

While there’s no proof that light therapy is a cure for pain, it’s a safe way to control and manage it without medication. Most patients require maintenance treatments periodically to keep their pain from returning.

It’s common to experience slight warmth, relaxation of muscles, reduced stiffness, and noticeable pain relief after a few light therapy sessions. Consistent usage over time commonly results in improved muscle recovery and reduced pain and inflammation. Clinical studies have also shown light therapy to be beneficial for wound healing, overall skin health, and even the reduction of wrinkles with consistent usage.

No. it does not cause skin damage of any kind. Light treatment (red) can help improve the skin when used on sun-damaged and inflamed skin.

No. Light therapy is painless. However, it should always be administered by an experienced professional.

Depending on the condition, patients may start to see results from red light therapy as early as their first session.

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