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PDO Threading: Unveiling the Modern Med Spa Miracle

Aesthetic treatments and procedures change constantly, and what was once in may one day be out. Despite all the advances and innovations, one treatment that remains a constant is PDO threading. The instant, long-lasting effects of a PDO (Polydioxanone) thread lift are far less invasive than surgery and address a myriad of concerns, from a loss of collagen and elastin to wrinkles, fine lines, folds, and even a lack of contour in specific facial features. Using PDO threading techniques to lift the skin, with or without fillers, allows for a more secure, supported, and defined appearance. If you are considering PDO threading for a smoother, more youthful appearance, consider this the ultimate guide for everything you need to know.


How PDO Threads Work

PDO thread lifts are often called magic because of their incredible ability to lift saggy skin and give a more contoured facial structure and appearance. PDO thread lifts rely on special biodegradable Polydioxanone, a natural protein used in dissolvable sutures with bi-directional barbs to hold the underlying tissue to a more youthful position. The sutures lift the tissue, and the barbs hold it and the skin in place. Upon insertion, the PDO threadings create a minor injury in the skin that, over time, prompts new collagen to grow, leading to a rejuvenating effect on the skin. The skin naturally loses collagen as a result of normal skin aging. The threads break down in the body after about six months, but the new collagen stays indefinitely.

PDO threads lend support and structure the underlying layers of skin while stimulating collagen production. Over a few months, as new collagen is created, the skin’s tone, quality, and position improve.

PDO thread lifts can immediately improve the skin and its degree of sagging after the procedure. In some patients, the results last at least one year or more, depending on the degree of skin elasticity and volume loss. On average, one to two years is how long PDO threading benefits last. Typically, PDO threads are used to lift the skin around the eyes, cheeks, and neck, but they can be used elsewhere too.


Comparing PDO Threads to Traditional Treatments

PDO threads are often compared to fillers and surgical facelifts, but there’s plenty of distinction among all these treatments. Some patients may benefit from pairing PDO threads with fillers for a holistic approach to anti-aging or to enhance the effects of PDO threads. Still, the benefits of a PDO threading facelift often outweigh the risks of surgery.

PDO threads are far less invasive than surgery and have a much faster recovery. However, the effects of PDO threads are more subtle than surgery’s. A facelift will always be the option for more permanent and dramatic results. However, the downside of a surgical facelift is that it also comes with scarring, significant recovery periods, and a much higher price tag. On the flip side, a facelift will always result in permanent results.

Although PDO threading can considerably improve the skin and face, it can’t remove tissue or loose skin like a facelift can, leading to a different overall result. However, in younger patients with mild sagging and minimal, if any, loose skin, a PDO thread can be a great alternative to a far more invasive surgical procedure.

PDO threads aren’t surgery but can provide natural yet subtle results. As the collagen production sets in and the skin continues to improve, a refreshed look ensues. There’s also minimal downtime with a PDO thread lift, and any swelling and bruising that arises will last a few days at most.

The benefits of PDO threads outweigh those of more expensive treatments and those requiring constant upkeep. If you want to refresh your appearance without a high price tag or long recovery times, PDO threads might be the answer.


Ensuring a Safe and Effective PDO Thread Experience at Our Medspa

Exceptional results come from well-trained experts in their field, and the team at Ecobel Medspa is the best for PDO threads in Atlanta. Our practitioners ensure optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction by providing personalized consultations to understand your skin, aesthetic goals, expectations, and treatments, along with post-treatment support and care.

Our medical team continuously undergoes the most advanced PDO training to learn the skills and techniques to garner the best results from PDO threads. By gaining expertise, our practitioners can minimize the risk of complications and ensure a positive patient experience.

Patient satisfaction is our utmost priority. By ensuring optimal outcomes and results, we can help you reach your aesthetic goals.


The Results: What to Expect

While the results of PDO threads are dramatic, they aren’t permanent and should be maintained. However, most patients are so happy with the improvement that they’re willing to support the upkeep to stay lifted and more defined. Most lifts typically last for up to two years.

PDO threads are designed to improve the appearance of mild to minimal skin laxity by tightening the skin and repositioning the underlying tissues, giving way to a more youthful and rejuvenated natural appearance. Most patients notice a dramatic improvement in facial contours and increased skin firmness. An immediate lifting effect will continue to improve over the next few months as the threads begin to induce the natural production of collagen.


FAQ Suggestions

How much does one PDO thread cost?

Every patient is different, so we recommend a consultation to determine the cost of your PDO thread treatment. Our experienced team of skin experts and medical providers can further discuss the treatment with you and determine if PDO threads are right for you.

The treatment is tailored to your needs, so the cost ranges. All PDO thread treatments require multiple threads. Our team can customize a package to help you obtain the desired results. A consultation with our staff will ensure more accurate pricing.

Do the Kardashians get thread lifts?

Some members of the Kardashian family have allegedly had thread lifts, which is why their faces look so defined and lifted.

Are PDO threads worth the money?

While PDO threads achieve noticeable results, they are ideal for patients who want to enhance specific features without undergoing extensive surgery. Although still costly, they are far more affordable than many other more invasive and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments.