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If you’re looking for a way to rejuvenate your skin with minimal downtime, nothing does the trick quite like the time-treated Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment. Explore Limelight IPL!

Limelight IPL

Despite all the advances in aesthetics and new technologies that continually come to the forefront, Limelight IPL remains a tried-and-true treatment for erasing discoloration, breakouts and their scars, unwanted hair, broken capillaries and redness, and more.

Unlike lasers, which rely on heat to correct skin issues, IPL harnesses the power of light—even though IPL is often grouped into the same category as lasers. Still, today’s IPL treatments are more advanced than ever and come with more versatile options than ever to treat various skin conditions without compromising the uppermost layer of skim. Plus, unbeknownst to many, these treatments offer the added benefit of collagen production (we all naturally lose collagen levels with the aging process).

From improving the texture and tone of the skin to lightening dark spots and even minimizing the size of facial pores, there’s nothing that IPL treatments can’t do. At Ecobel Med Spa, we use the Limelight IPL, one of the most advanced systems available today, for unparalleled results.


What is Limelight IPL?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a quick and easy treatment that uses pulses of light to improve the appearance of discoloration, skin texture, and skin blemishes and imperfections caused by the sun and environmental damage or vascular-related changes. While IPL is beloved for its ability to improve brown spots, red marks, and other types of discoloration from the sun, it does so without the expense of considerable downtime.

Years of sun exposure plus lifestyle choices can start to degrade collagen in the skin, giving way to a lackluster appearance and skin that doesn’t appear as firm and healthy as it once was. In addition, the signs of aging and sun and environmental damage are also seen on the skin’s surface in the form of spots, redness, broken capillaries, and more. All of this can impede the skin’s overall look and cause it to look tired and weathered and need a refresh.

Like other cosmetic procedures, IPL, which garners the best results when performed as a series, can be customized to your skin’s specific needs. It’s a non-invasive technology compatible with a wide array of skin types and tones to rejuvenate the signs of aging and those caused by repeated sun exposure. Patients enjoy the benefits of these quick treatments to improve skin tightness and stimulate collagen production while simultaneously erasing facial veins, redness, and dark spots on the skin. Plus, IPL machines can eradicate unwanted hair from anywhere on the body. IPL is a precision light treatment that minimizes skin discolorations from sun damage and age spots on the face and chest while leaving the skin’s surface unharmed.

There are several different IPL treatment devices on the market, and while they all work towards the same end goals, they all have different nuances. One of the advantages of using Limelight IPL over other systems is that it offers flexibility in tailoring the particulars of the treatment to best address the problem at hand. That means the results from Limelight versus other IPL machines will be more successful and dramatic, especially when treating age-related skin changes, sun damage, and less-than-ideal skin tone and texture. It’s also incredibly beneficial for improving the appearance of light skin tones with stubborn freckles, those with a more ruddy tone to their skin, and weathered-looking skin as a result of the sum.

IPL treatments, sometimes called Photofacials, don’t come with a long recovery or downtime. They’re fast, and you can resume your routine immediately. Plus, the cumulative results are long-lasting with proper skin care.

How does Limelight IPL work

IPL treatments work differently than lasers, making them an easy and convenient choice for many patients. IPL uses light energy to target a particular color in your skin and improve the damaged cells.

Before the treatment begins, your skin will be assessed to determine how many sessions are needed to target the brown or red pigmentation in the skin. Then, the skin will be cleansed, and a clear gel will be applied to help the handpiece glide across the skin better. You’ll also need to wear special dark glasses to protect your eyes.

By heating the pigmentation, a therapeutic effect occurs to improve the skin tone. Photofacials use pulsed light to target unwanted pigment in the skin and redness, which in turn works to reduce the discoloration for skin that’s more uniform in color. The light used in the treatment is adjustable, and so are the settings to target skin issues. IPL targets melanin in the skin, which increases with sun exposure to improve pigment, like freckles and sun spots.

On average, about three to five treatments are recommended to improve the skin visibly. The treatment also covers a large skin surface area with little downtime.

Each session, which takes about 30 minutes or more, feels like a hot light on the skin with a subbed band snap. When the handpiece is held up against the skin, there may be a slight feeling of heat or a mild pinching effect that passes quickly. As the light penetrates the outer layers of the skin, it is absorbed by the cell, causing injury. Topical numbing cream is often used during the treatment to make it more comfortable.

Immediately after the treatment, the skin may look and feel like you have a mild sunburn. This will last about four to six hours and can be alleviated with ice packs. A few days after the treatment, the targeted areas become slightly darker and appear like small coffee grinds. The skin will also feel rough. Then, as the skin heals, the spots will fall off and fade. After a few treatments, the results will be noticeabl

What separates Limelight IPL

What separates Limelight IPL from other IPL treatments is that it uses up to three different wavelengths of light. Different targets within the skin respond to different wavelengths of light and varying amounts of energy and processing time. The wavelengths used need to be absorbed by the target chromophore at the precise depth to positively impact the skin.

Your provider will select the appropriate wavelength for your skin based on its current condition and your goals. Next, your skin will be selectively heated to target the brown or red pigment in the skin. As these pigmented cells absorb the light emitted from the device, they are destroyed. Once the pigment is eliminated from the skin, it begins to heal, and the skin’s overall appearance improves.

But it’s not just sun-induced damage that IPL can improve. It can also reduce the effects of rosacea on the skin and is a popular option for enhancing the skin off the face and on the upper parts of the body, too. IPL also works well for spot-treating active breakouts and erasing annoying tiny red facial veins from around the nose and on the chin and cheeks.

Most sessions last an hour or less, depending on the size of the area being treated, and if you would like, a numbing cream can be applied before the session begins. Therefore, you’ll need at least three sessions for the best results.


Who is Limelight IPL for?

IPL is effective for various skin problems, types, and tones, although it tends to work best on lighter skin colors. Most notably, the noninvasive skin treatment is best for those with the following:

Age spots


Sun damage


Red or brown spots on the skin

Broken capillaries and visible veins


Unwanted birthmarks

In addition to skin tone issues and improving discoloration, IPL treatments are effective in helping to improve the tautness of the skin in those with somewhat loose skin by stimulating collagen. The treatment can be done on the face, neck, chest, arms, and hands. Plus, hard-to-treat brown spots, which were less responsive to older IPL technologies, tend to fare well with this version.

However, IPL is the most effective on white, untanned skin. The ideal candidate for IPL treatments is someone with evident signs of discoloration, sun damage, ruddiness, or blotchiness. Rosea patients also respond well to the treatment. Those with tanned or naturally dark skin may not be good candidates for the treatment because of the potential risk of increased hyperpigmentation after the procedure. Also, patients on Accutane should only undergo IPL treatment at least six months after stopping the drug.

You may also want to avoid IPL if your skin is:

Sensitive to lightHave recently tanned the skin
Regularly use a retinoid or retinol on your faceTend to scar

To determine if IPL is suitable for you, schedule a consultation today.


The Results

The results of IPL treatments are cumulative, although some patients see some improvement with one treatment. Typically, within one to three weeks, the treated areas darken and then flake off and fade. Any redness or broken capillaries in the skin will start to decrease, and the weathered look of your complexion will improve. If you’re using IPL for unwanted hair, it will take a few sessions to achieve fuzz-free skin, but the hairs will stop growing.

IPL treatments work well depending on the issue at hand to fix. For example, when redness is the problem, the light treatment can improve about 50 to 75% of broken blood vessels and a reddened appearance in most patients. With sun damage patients, IPL helps enhance the majority of brown spots and sun-induced redness. In the case of hair removal, IPL will significantly refine the number of hairs on the body, especially if they are dark. And finally, when using IPL to treat acne and scars, there should be a noticeable improvement in about six sessions. 

The appearance of hyperpigmentation and redness are dramatically reduced with a series of IPL. Most patients will begin to see a difference in their skin as soon as one treatment, with optimal results showing after three to five treatments.

However, new red and brown spots and broken capillaries can arise from additional sun damage. Therefore, it’s best to maintain your results with the daily use of sunscreen. In addition, a good skincare routine and routine touch-up treatments are needed.

What are the benefits of IPL?

There are varied benefits of IPL treatments depending on the issues at hand. Commonly IPL is used to improve the following conditions:

  • Sun damage
  • Dark brown spots
  • Red spots
  • A reddened complexion
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Vascular irregularities, like brown capillaries and visible veins
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Unwanted facial and body hair

While most patients opt for IPL to treat a skin condition on their face, the treatment can also be used on other areas of the body, like the neck and chest.


How much does Limelight IPL cost?

Everyone is different, so we recommend a consultation to determine the cost of your IPL treatment. Our experienced team of skin experts and medical providers can further discuss the treatment with you and determine if IPL is suitable for you.

The treatment is tailored to your needs, which is why the cost varies. Our team can customize a skin package to help you obtain the desired results. A consultation with our staff will ensure more accurate pricing.


Common FAQs

On average, an IPL treatment can take about 30 minutes, but it depends on the area of the body being treated. Remember to allot time for numbing.

The number of treatments required depends on the severity of the problem you are trying to improve. A series of four to six treatments spaced one month apart is usually recommended for best results, although some patients may require more or less.

Immediately following treatment, your skin will be slightly red or pink. It may also feel warm. Then, light brown spots will form in the coming days, and the skin may feel rough. Finally, the dark spots will flake off to reveal fresh, new skin underneath.

You’ll always want to follow the advice of your provider, but on average, most patients are told to:

  • Avoid wearing makeup so that the skin can breath
  • Avoid extensive sun exposure for at least one week before and after the treatment. 2 weeks without sun exposure post-treatment is recommended.
  • Apply moisturizer regularly
  •  Wear sunscreen to prevent additional damage. Make sure it has an SPF of at least 30 and a physical blocker like zinc.
  • Wash your face with a cleanser for sensitive skin.
  • Don’t pick at the darkened areas or exfoliate them; let them fall off.

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