Ecobel med Spa

Why you need to detox now?

The truth is, your body is a highly intelligent detox machine numerous detoxification systems are working really hard to keep you alive right now. Think about it – have you taken a deep breath today? How about used the bathroom? Broken a sweat? These a few obvious examples of your body’s detox systems at work. Unfortunately, the average person’s toxic load is at an all-time high. Between environmental pollution, chemicals in the food supply, and emotional and mental stressors, most people NEED to detox.

When you detox, your body recalibrates.  After detoxing, your body works as designed – extremely efficiently. At a cellular level, your body has a natural process called autophagy (auto = self; phagy =eating) that automatically off-loads cells that are no functioning properly. A thorough detox is linked with increasing autophagy.  Autophagy helps your cells to quickly return to working at full capacity. In addition to feeling better, be prepared to receive many more benefits after you detox.  Increased circulation, reduced inflammation, weight loss, increased production of growth hormone, and better energy regulation are all benefits for those who detox.


While there are unlimited ways to begin a detox, successful completion is our specialty. The highly trained & medically supervised staff at Ecobel Spa works hard to take the confusion and pain out of the detox process. A thorough examination explains where you are physically. And consequently, what type of detox plan is necessary to achieve your goals. We customize a detox plan that is unique to you.  We also provide the support you need to meet your goals.

Let us help you get the body and the life you desire.


We are located in the Buckhead neighborhood in Atlanta Georgia. We humbly serve satisfied clients nationwide.