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The Impact of Microneedling Under Eyes

Restless nights often appear on the face as dark circles under the eyes or puffy bags that even the best makeup can’t always cover up. When the signs of aging start to surface under the eyes, more often than not, it may be time to add microneedling under the eyes to your antiaging mix, especially if you get a decent amount of shut-eye. With aging, the amount of collagen and elastin in the skin under the eye starts to break down, giving way to visible dark circles, wrinkles, and bags.

Microneedling done under the eyes can give them a rejuvenated look, taking away the tired, puffy, and wrinkled look and making your under eyes emerge refreshed, youthful, and rejuvenated.


Microneedling 101: A Quick Refresher

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is a professional treatment that creates new collagen in the skin. It is commonly used to treat hair loss, address skin-related changes on the face, improve the look of acne scars, and minimize stretch marks, but it can also be used to refresh the area under the eyes.

The treatment relies on a specialized microneedling pen, sometimes called a dermapen, that contains tiny medical-grade needles at the tip. These needles cause controlled injuries in the skin, which, as the body responds and heals them as part of its natural wound-healing response, stimulates the production of new skin cells as well as collagen and elastin. By creating new cells and collagen and elastin, the skin emerges, usually a few months later, looking firmer, more plump, and with less evident signs of the common signs of aging.

Often, microneedling is combined with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to further promote healthy wound healing. Pairing the two skin rejuvenating modalities together allows for enhanced benefits. Since PRP is rich in growth factors, it can further boost the effects of microneedling and speed up the healing rate for more cellular regeneration.


Treating the Under Eye with Microneedling

Microneedling works well for many areas of the face and body and treats several concerns; the under-eye is no different. Often, microneedling for under the eyes is the best-kept secret for diminishing the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and bags, which are hard to target during the delivery of skin in the area.

Since microneedling is a versatile treatment that can be adapted to your specific needs and goals, it works well for a large percentage of patients with various skin types and skin types. The depth of the microneedles and how far into the skin they reach can be adjusted so that the penetration levels are optimal for your skin concerns. Also, many treatments are unsafe to perform under the eyes due to the fragility of the skin in this area, but microneedling is a safe way to create a rejuvenated appearance.


Microneedling: A Precision Approach for Under-Eye Concerns

Many treatments are deemed risky when addressing common age-related concerns under the eyes due to the inherently thin skin under the eyes and the risk of adverse reactions. However, unlike some riskier treatments, under-eye microneedling is a generally safe and effective treatment for addressing concerns under the eye area.

With microneedling, the microscopic holes within the skin are controlled, creating a wound-healing response that leads to collagen and elastin creation as the area heals. Since there may be some discomfort during the treatment, we prefer to numb the area first to make the procedure more comfortable. The small handpiece allows for the area to be precisely targeted in a short amount of time, leading to drastic results. The depth of the needles can be adjusted so they don’t go too far into the skin and affect the delicate skin in the area, helping to minimize risks. PRP can also be added to the treatment for even more significant regenerative benefits in the under-eye area.


What to Expect During Your Microneedling Journey

When it comes to microneedling, it’s essential to have an in-person consultation first to set realistic expectations about the treatment. During this time, one of our skilled team members will discuss the number of sessions you’ll need to achieve your results, how much time you’ll need in between each session, and what to expect during each appointment and after. They’ll also discuss post-care instructions with you, too, so you can get the most out of your microneedling treatment.

During each microneedling session, the skin under the eyes will be treated with topical numbing cream to make the appointment more comfortable. As the small handpiece is used on the skin, tiny microscopic wounds will be made, which, as they heal, will stimulate new collagen and elastin in the skin. Immediately after the treatment, a cooling pad or serum may be used on the skin to help reduce any swelling. The skin will be red and possibly sensitive for the first 24 hours. From there, it will start to heal, and the first results can be seen within one week and will continue to improve.

Taking care of your skin post-microneedling is vital to maintain your results. Following a diligent yet gentle skincare routine is best so that you can amp up the benefits of your microneedling treatment. It’s advised to continue using an oil-free, non-comedogenic eye cream under the eyes as the skin heals. Keeping it hydrated is essential during the healing process.

Once the skin is fully healed, the area under the eyes will appear brighter, smoother, and more refreshed. While the results of undereye microneedling are long-lasting, they are not permanent, so you will likely need to repeat the treatment at some point in order to maintain the results.