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Med Spa Body Sculpting: How Fillers Can Be Used to Enhance the Buttocks, Hips and Thighs

Are you looking to get the body of your dreams without succumbing to plastic surgery? It can be done—and done well—with the proper body sculpting procedures. Thanks to advancements in modern-day injectables and fillers, and new innovative ways to use them, certain body parts can now be contoured to perfection without having to go under the knife or endure a scar. So yes, you can acquire the body of your dreams with noninvasive, nonsurgical body sculpting treatments.

Collagen-stimulating fillers and injectables, particularly Radiesse and Sculptra, can effectively contour the body for a sculpting effect quickly and effectively with minimal downtime. By strategically injecting the filler, body sculpting treatments deliver volume where needed most to smooth out the skin and add shape, definition, and even an increase in size. In addition, these quick and easy  treatments deliver immediate improvement to add shape and definition.


Is Body Sculpting Good for Your Body?

Body sculpting treatments are incredibly beneficial for enhancing and shaping the body, especially if the results you want to achieve are not attainable through diet and exercise. Plus, highly customized body sculpting treatments are a great way of augmenting and improving particular body parts. The best treatments rely on safe, FDA-approved injectable fillers, like Sculptra and Radiesse, to augment, enhance, and improve certain body parts, like the hips and buttocks. Although these body sculpting treatments are practiced widely, using these products in these body parts is considered off-label.


Are Body Sculpting Treatments Painful?

One of the many benefits is the pain-free factor. The injections are well tolerated and can be used with topical numbing cream to make the treatment more comfortable. The treatment is fast, and the results are quick. And there’s virtually no significant downtime or recovery period compared to surgical methods.

These body sculpting treatments are also a significant plus for those short on time or who cannot go under the knife, providing another option for improving the body as desired.


What Body Parts Is a Body Sculpting Treatment Best For?

Body sculpting treatments can address a wide variety of different body concerns. It reshapes an area of the body. You may also use it to:

  • Reduce the look of crepey skin and decrease skin laxity
  • Reshape or contour the area
  • Smooth out dimples
  • Eliminate contour irregularities and asymmetries
  • Increase the size of a particular feature

Body contouring can target most areas of the body. Common sites include:

  • Arms
  • Back
  • Belly and flanks (love handles)
  • Buttocks
  • Abdomen
  • Hips

How Do Body Contouring Treatments Work?

The best body sculpting treatments rely on collagen-stimulating fillers to contour the body. These injectable treatments add volume to a specific area to smooth out imperfections. Because collagen-stimulating fillers can provide some lift in addition to volume and a smoothing effect, they are a great temporary way to improve the figure and improve many concerns, particularly the butt, abdomen, and hips.

The products injected are the same and work the same as when injected into the face; the placement area is different. Most often, hyper-dilute formulas are used to ensure that there will be no post-procedure lumps or bumps beneath the skin when used for full body sculpting. When injecting collagen-stimulating fillers into the abdomen, butt, or hips to enhance and augment the area, a microcannula is often used to reduce the potential for bruising and shorten any downtime. This safe method is widely practiced and the best way to administer more significant filler volumes to larger body parts.


How Often Should You Do Body Sculpting?

Full body sculpting may need to be done more than once to achieve the optimal result. That’s because collagen growth takes time, and many patients see the full benefits  with more than one treatment session. But remember that even the best results are not permanent (but relatively long-lasting) and will require routine upkeep to maintain the enhanced effects. On average, you’ll need to repeat the treatment every two to five years, depending on the injected area, the filler used, and how fast your body creates new collagen and breaks it down.


Can I Get Rid of My Hip Dips with Filler?

Yes! One of the many benefits of body sculpting includes smoothing out uneven divots and dips in the hips. Hip dips are natural indentations and irregularities on the hips that many women find bothersome. Often, patients inject their hip dips when treating the butt or undergoing full treatments. Sculptra or Radiesse can fill out any indentations for a smoother silhouette. Also, these fillers stimulate collagen, improving any volume loss in the hips.


Do You Have to be a Certain Weight for Body Sculpting?

While you don’t have to be a specific weight , you should be at a safe, healthy weight that’s maintainable for you. Also, especially with female body sculpting, it’s best not to plan to get pregnant so that the results last for a while.


What Results Can I Expect with Body Sculpting Procedures?

Depending on the specific filler used to treat a particular body part and where it is injected determines the exact results and their longevity. On average, Radiesse provides more visible results faster, with added fullness that appears over the next few months. The results can last 18 to 24 months. With Sculptra, there’s less of an immediate effect, but more collagen is made for added volume. These results are often seen around the three to six-month mark, with results lasting as long as five years in some individuals. Naturally, the best results are the most natural and flattering to your body.