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Expert Tips for Finding a Med Spa that Offers Quality Laser Facial Treatments

Step number one is deciding that a laser facial treatment will benefit your skin and clear up any current issues. After that, finding a med spa with expertly trained providers specializing in laser resurfacing facials is just as important. You shouldn’t trust just anyone to any of the various types of quality laser facial treatments—only someone with the training, education, and a good, solid understanding of how laser facials work on the skin should perform the treatment.

Laser facial benefits range from clearing up active acne to lightening up stubborn discoloration to improving skin texture and so much more. But if the person performing your treatment isn’t well-versed in the laser facial, all your efforts could be worthless. That’s because, in the wrong hands, facial resurfacing lasers can cause some pretty serious skin issues, like discoloration, hypopigmentation, and even scarring. But laser facial rejuvenation treatments can make a difference in the right hands.

Finding a med spa that offers quality laser facial treatments performed by a great staff is not hard. However, it goes a bit beyond just Googling ‘facial laser treatments near me’ and hoping that your search turns up something that fits the bill. Laser facial rejuvenation treatments should always consider the issues at hand as well as skin tone and type to find the best laser facial treatment that will work for your skin. So if you’re considering laser facial treatments, these are the questions you’ll want to ask to ensure you get the best treatment for your skin–and the best results.

Is a laser treatment good for the face?

Yes, laser treatments are great for the skin on the face. However, different types of laser treatments have different benefits. In order to find the best laser for you, it’s critical to have a consultation before your treatment to determine which laser will help your skin the most.

There are several laser facial benefits that you will appreciate after a series of treatments. For example, if your skin is discolored, a laser can correct the discoloration. Or, if your skin is looking a little dull and saggy, the right laser can refresh it and tighten it.


How long does a laser last on the face?

Laser resurfacing is a relatively fast treatment—you can be in and out in about one hour or less—but the results last awhile after a series of treatments. Most lasers last anywhere from one to five years, with the longer-lasting results coming from more ablative resurfacing lasers. However, maintenance treatments are often recommended annually to keep the skin looking its best.


How do laser facial rejuvenation treatments work?

There are two main types of laser facial treatments: ablative and non-ablative lasers. Ablative lasers remove the top layer of skin to stimulate a wound-healing response for increased collagen and cell turnover, and non-ablative lasers keep the skin intact. No matter which facial laser is used, the basic principles of laser treatment are the same: a beam of light energy at a specific wavelength is delivered to a particular area of the skin to help minimize scars, common signs of aging, age spots, and more. As the skin heals, there is a noticeable increase in collagen and elastin, allowing the skin concerns you had in the first place to fade slowly.


What types of results can I see with laser resurfacing?

Each person is individual, but generally, with laser facial resurfacing, you may notice the following:

  • Increased collagen and elastin
  • Less dullness in the skin
  • Firmer looking skin
  • Less discoloration
  • Decreased sunspots
  • Improvement in the quality and texture of the skin


Which laser facial treatment is the best?

Lasers aren’t a one-size-fits-all type of procedure. What may work well for you may not be the right fit for someone else. That’s why a consultation is essential. During your consultation, your provider can discuss the different types of laser treatments options and decide which is best for you.

At Ecobel Medspa, we offer popular quality laser facial treatments such as Laser Genesis and IPL laser facials.


Are the results of laser resurfacing facial permanent?

Laser treatments do not create permanent results, but they are long-lasting. Just one laser session can undo a lot of skin damage, but it’s important to stick with the recommended number of laser facial treatments to achieve the best results possible.


Should a facial resurfacing laser be combined with other skin-rejuvenating treatments?

They can be if your provider feels a combination approach will provide even better results than a laser alone. But, of course, it all depends on your skin and aesthetic goals. For example, lasers can be combined with a handful of other treatments like Botox and even fillers to help minimize lines and wrinkles in restoring lost volume.

Besides other in-office procedures, lasers work well when performed in tandem with professional skin care.


How important is it that my skin is analyzed before laser facial rejuvenation?

While looking for a med spa to perform your quality laser facial treatments, a complete skin analysis must be performed. This will allow your provider to get a good understanding of any current skin issues and past ones, too. Understanding the skin provides suitable laser and skin treatments that can be personalized to your needs. If the skin is not analyzed before the treatment (or during your consultation), be weary of seeking treatment with that person.


How much downtime is there with a laser facial?

With non-ablative laser facials, there isn’t much downtime. More ablative ones come with a bit more downtime and recovery. It’s normal for treated skin to become red, brown, dry, or peel in the first few days after treatment. It’s also common for some people to experience minor swelling, which also goes away within 24-hours normally. Sun exposure should be avoided for at least 1-week prior to your treatment and at least 1-week post-treatment. You’ll want to ensure you always schedule quality laser facial treatments around your social calendar so there’s no interference.