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Body Sculpting with Fillers

Not everyone who wants to improve the appearance of their body—be it a minor tweak or a more considerable change—opts to undergo invasive surgical procedures. But suppose you want to reap the benefits of a more sculpted and toned body without going under the knife for invasive and expensive plastic surgery with long recovery times? We have the solution in our non-invasive body sculpting treatments. It’s a popular technique with a solid track record and numerous benefits that leave patients loving their results. Fillers for body sculpting are the cherry on top to your fitness routine, adding volume definition and giving you those hourglass proportions you desire with immediate results after one to two treatments that can last up to two years.


What exactly is body sculpting?

Body sculpting is a non-surgical procedure that relies on various fillers and injectables to create more volume, better definition, and firmer skin. Body sculpting also helps to mask the appearance of cellulite. Deficiencies or deformities are easily camouflaged by enhancing, shaping, and contouring the body. Often, stubborn fat deposits or an unbalanced distribution of fat can create unevenness or even asymmetries that can impede you from having the body you want.


By injecting the appropriate fillers into the right areas, minimally invasive body sculpting can help achieve a more defined body to achieve your specific aesthetic goals. Some of the more targeted areas treated include the booty, stomach, knees, legs, hip dips, and hands. In addition, the fillers used for sculpting procedures help stimulate collagen production, which continues to create added volume in the treated areas.


What does body sculpting do to the body?

Body sculpting with fillers is a safe and effective treatment that can dramatically enhance a particular body part for improved tone, volume, and shape. FDA-approved fillers add volume to the skin and stimulate the natural production of collagen. Our  fillers can contain either calcium hydroxylapatite or poly-l-lactic acid (PLLA) both of which stimulate collagen for more of a natural volumizing effect.

Does body sculpting really work?

Absolutely! Body sculpting remains a popular go-to for creating a more streamlined appearance because of its unparalleled results. However, what you start with (your weight, body type, and skin type) can result in a different effect from one person to the next.


Besides improving the body’s appearance, the treatment can also boost your self-confidence, self-esteem, and overall body image. The results can be subtle or dramatic dependent upon how much filler is used and how many treatments are performed. In addition, these treatments, which can be used on their own or in combination with others, can also help improve other body-related concerns like uneven contours, asymmetries, and minimal sagginess.


Compared to other more invasive treatments, minimally invasive body sculpting also works without making any incisions or enduring lasting scars. The fillers are injected with a needle, but there is a numbing agent used to minimalize discomfort. There’s minimal risk of complications and side effects.


What is the advantage of body sculpting with fillers?

The most significant benefits are the quick results, the short time it takes to perform the procedure, and the little-to-no downtime post-procedure. Injecting fillers into a given area can be done fast (usually in under one hour), and there’s minimal downtime, too. Typically, you can return to your routine, and depending on the area treated, there may be some minimal swelling or bruising but nothing that will have you on bedrest for weeks. 


Body sculpting with fillers is also a great option for those who want to test drive what they could look like with a more permanent commitment. It’s also a viable choice for those who can’t take days or weeks off work to recover.


And there’s no need to cut the skin and make an incision, so there is no need to use general anesthesia, nor are there any post-treatment scars.


What areas can be treated with body sculpting?

Sculpting works well for different body parts such as the buttocks, hips, legs, stomach, and arms to create a fuller appearance with improved shape. Adding filler to an area lacking shape and volume will prompt the body to stimulate collagen and, over time, make a more defined and toned appearance without surgery.


But you don’t have to want to ‘augment’ an area of the body to use fillers to your advantage. Another way the treatment works is by producing balance in a specific body part, like the hip dips. The body can appear more defined and sculpted by adding filler where some unevenness, indentation, or divots may exist. 


How long do the effects of body sculpting last?

The results depend on the area treated and the filler used. Frequently, multiple sessions are needed to achieve the full results.


Even though collagen breaks down at one percent per year, the new collagen created will remain in the body until it is naturally broken down. Once that begins to happen, your body’s enhanced shape may slowly revert back to baseline. On average, most patients who opt for non-invasive body sculpting treatments enjoy their results for one to three years. To maintain your results, following a healthy lifestyle, diet, and regular exercise are best.


How much fat can body sculpting remove?

Fat is not physically removed when fillers are used to help achieve a more contoured and sculpted body. However, drawing attention away from pockets or stubborn fat and placing more emphasis on the body’s shape creates a slimming effect that patients appreciate. It’s important to remember that body sculpting treatments are not intended for weight loss but to enhance a specific area of the body. However, other devices like laser body sculpting procedures can be used to rid the body of unwanted fat.


Laser body sculpting, another non-invasive technology, relies on heat and energy wavelengths but, unlike fillers, cannot address a loss of volume. Instead, laser body sculpting can help reduce stubborn pockets of fat and even address the overall skin texture, depending on the device used. But it cannot add volume.