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BHRT and Anti-Aging: How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help You Look and Feel Younger

Aging is a multifaceted issue that is influenced by several different factors. Everything from chronic inflammation to environmental stress and even cellular damage is related to internal and external aging. But one component that often slides under the radar, even though its effect is widespread, is the decrease of hormones within the body.  Hormones are essential for proper bodily function. These vital proteins and enzymes help regulate how different body systems work, including the endocrine, reproductive, and nervous systems and also regulate sleep patterns, immunity levels, and digestion. But with age, some of these natural-produced hormones begin to tape off. With fewer hormones produced, the body can experience a lack of energy, dull-looking, weathered and aged skin, changes in hair growth, a decreased sex drive and libido, and an overall change to your well-being. But the only way to upregulate these hormones once they start to decline is with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), which is growing in a multi-billion dollar business, and for a good reason. That’s because BHRT allows men and women to restore a renewed sense of self so they don’t feel like they have to succumb to the effects of natural aging. 


Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) works to balance and supplement declining hormone levels by providing the body with hormones that are most like those it produces naturally. However, it’s essential to know that BHRT is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and customization must be part of the treatment to make sure that patients receive the hormones that their body needs most. Also, the hormone dosage must be tailored to each patient’s specific needs to help alleviate any current symptoms they are experiencing. The mix of hormones that works for one patient may not be ideal for another.


Unlike synthetic hormones, bioidentical hormones can be extracted from plants or compounded at a pharmacy to meet your specific needs.


The most commonly prescribed hormones that can help reduce the unwanted side effects of aging include testosterone for male patients and estrogen for females. Other critical hormones to consider are DHEA and growth hormone.


The methods of administering BHRT can include pellets, injections, topical creams, patches, suppositories, and oral capsules. Each provider has their preference, and, of course, patient preference reigns supreme. 


However, the end goal of using BHRT for anti-aging purposes is to make the patient look and feel better.


By supplementing the body with BHRT, the body begins to notice an uptick in hormone levels which can help mitigate a handful of age-related symptoms. Here are some of the most significant changes that patients see and feel and appreciate:


  • Increases in estrogen reduce hot flashes and vaginal dryness and help rev up libido and sex drive
  • Changes to testosterone levels can increase energy levels, improve muscle tone and mass 
  • The skin can start to appear more hydrated, plump and more youthful
  • There’s less of a tired, brain-foggy feeling
  • Energy levels overall increase
  • Mental health improves
  • It becomes easier to lose and maintain weight due to improved metabolism
  • Bone health improves


There are also noticeable improvements to the skin with BHRT. Estrogen and even testosterone have their place in maintaining healthy skin, especially skin elasticity. The less elastic the skin is, the less ‘snap back’ it has and the more likely it is to sag.


By improving collagen and elastin levels in the skin and aiding in moisture retention, the skin can look less wrinkled with BHRT. There may also be fewer fine lines, the skin’s overall tone and texture, and the skin’s plumpness, which can dramatically improve. An uptick in estrogen can also prevent more mature skin from appearing dull and dry since estrogen is responsible for increasing skin hydration. The more hydrated the skin, the plumper and more youthful it appears.


Besides noticeable skin changes, hair growth can also improve. Hormonal imbalances can drastically affect the hair’s health and how it grows. When hormone levels dip, it’s normal for the hair to shed faster than usual and even shrink in density, giving way to hair that appears thinner. BHRT is known to help jumpstart the natural hair growth process and help with hair thickness, shine, and volume by restoring a more normal balance to hormone levels. 


Reinstating healthy hormonal levels, so they are back to or as close to normal as possible can help you look and feel better. While looking youthful is a big part of why patients undergo BHRT, feeling good is an equally powerful benefit. BHRT is known to help restore overall health and well-being by restoring hormone levels that can otherwise cause fatigue, anxiety, and a lack of youthfulness. In addition, by decreasing some of the more commonly complained about symptoms connected to menopause, women feel empowered to take on this new stage of their life with restored confidence. With fewer symptoms that control everyday life—think hot flashes, night sweats, and other menopause-related concerns—the body feels better from head to toe.


Many patients can benefit from BHRT, including men and women. While there’s no set age that you must be to take BHRT and reap its benefits, most patients who opt for BHRT are in the early stages of menopause or andropause (the male equivalent of menopause). 


Even though BHRT may improve your appearance and overall well-being during aging, it’s important to know that a consultation should always be done before undergoing any treatment to verify that BHRT is right for you.