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Ecobel Med & Day Spa in Atlanta: Clinical Detox & Weight Loss ProgramsWhy should you do a clinical detox cleanse?

Your body is exposed to more than 84,000 chemical and environmental toxins on a daily basis and they take their toll on your health. Some of the most common sources are in the air, your food medications, lack of exercise, stress, smoking, clothing, beauty products, cleaning and lawn products just to name a few. While the body is designed to naturally cleanse, the challenge is it was not intended to take on such a toxic load on a regular basis.

The result: as the toxins accumulate, your health deteriorates. You begin to notice signs and symptoms like decreased energy, dark circles under your eyes, body odor, brain fog, and difficulty concentrating, hormonal imbalance and weight gain, disrupted sleep, acne, persistent stomach issues, and slower than usual recovery time. These are among some of the most common problems arising form toxic burden and a sure sign you need to detox.

What can you expect from your 14 Day Detox Cleanse?

You can expect to:

  • Increase your energy by more than 30%
  • Boost your metabolism so you can loose up to 10lbs in 14 days
  • Feel your mind sharpen, your skin glow and mood improve as your sense of well-being is restored

The 14 day detox is simple to follow in 5 easy steps:

  1. Have a delicious 26 grams of protein packed smoothie for breakfast with Fit, our signature hypoallergenic, fat burning, energy boosting, lean muscle building shake
  2. Eat a balanced lunch focused on greens, protein and healthy fat
  3. Take our clinical proven detox supplements each day.
  4. Enjoy an afternoon boost with Nourish, our multi nutrient complex.
  5. Eat a balanced dinner or have a second delicious protein packed smoothie.

Frequently asked questions:

This depends on the person and the level of body’s toxic burden. We advise you drink plenty of water to help quickly and safely flush all toxins out to reduce the chance of any flu like symptoms. This is a gentle clinical cleanse and is not meant to be aggressive. Typically clients report feeling an increase in energy within the first 36 hours.

If you drink a large amount of caffeine on a daily basis, as you reduce and eliminate it during the detox, you may notice a 24 hour window of a mild headache. To avoid this, we suggest the first 3 days of your detox reduce your amount of caffeine to 8 ounces. By day 4-6 try to only take a sip to take the edge off and then by day 7 stop all together for the last half of the cleanse. This reduction should eliminate any potential for withdrawal headaches.

People frequently do lose weight during this detox cleanse. As you remove sugar, inflammatory foods that cause intolerances and excess starches from your diet an immediate reduction will occur. You will notice puffiness decreasing,  your clothes fitting better and you will have a much toner look and feel to  your body.

Yes, you can but it should be in moderation. We advise that you keep your workouts to 30-45 minutes in duration at a mild-moderate intensity not to exceed 4 workouts in a week. Walking, Yoga & Circuit Training are all great ways to move while on your cleanse. It is also important to remember that sweating helps the body to detoxify, so infared saunas are great to incorporate post workout and be sure to get proper rest. This is a time to support your body so it can cleanse. If you put too many demands on your system, it will slow down the effects and process for your body.

This is a safe and effective clinical detox cleanse that does not use laxatives as most over the counter products do which will prevent any uncomfortable urgency to use the bathroom. It will actually improve GI and bowel function as you move through the cleanse. It is important to note if you previously did not drink much water prior to the cleanse then you may experience an increase in the amount of times you need to use the bathroom due to your water consumption.

You can drink  your detox shakes up to 2 a day. It is important to still ensure that you are eating at least 1 meal consisting of whole fresh nutrient dense foods so your body can gain the key enzymes it needs to support proper digestive function. We do not advise a liquid fast solely to support proper toxic burden removal.

Depending on the level of toxins in your body, it is possible that as you begin to flush the system you may have a brief cleansing of the skin resulting in mild breakouts. Continue to take your detox capsules and drink plenty of water and this will subside within 3 days, leaving you with healthier glowing skin.

It is strongly advised that you eliminate alcohol during the detox as many forms contain gluten, inflammatory starches and sugars. To get the best results you should fully eliminate. If you are struggling with this, reduce to no more than 6 ounces and stick to red wine or distilled tequila no more than 3 times in 1 week.

We find the best day to begin for maximum success is on a Sunday. This ensures you have had time to shop & prep over the weekend so  you can plan for your week ahead. It is best to prep your meals for the week and have snacks ready so you are not caught off guard during the week. Beginning on a Sunday also allows you to rest and relax on that first day so you can ease into your detox ahead.

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